Event: UFC 81 2/2/2008
Winner: Mir
Winning Move : Kneebar

There's never been any love lost between these guys. When Lesner was making the move from pro wrestling to MMA, Mir let everyone know he thought Brock was a fraud. But Lesner was no Bob Sapp. He was as highly-decorated as a collegiate wrestler as he was a fake wrestler.

Lesner initially took Mir down but was penalized for striking to the back of the head. Yes, there are rules in the UFC! After a reset and a point deduction, Lesnar took Mir down again with the intention of going back to ground-and-pound. Mir attempted an armbar. Lesnar shrugged it off. Mir was one move ahead and caught Lesnar in a kneebar. Cue the Wu-Tang, that's the mystery of chess boxin' right there.

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