Maybe the best way to summarize this story would be, "hell hath no fury like a woman scorned." The woman in question is Los Angeles Sparks rookie Jantel Lavender. After a recent blow-up with her boyfriend, Adam Ashley, Jantel went nuts (pun intended) and beat the crap out of him. According to court documents filed by her now ex-boyfriend: 

Adam Ashley obtained a temporary restraining order against the 6'4" athlete two weeks ago ... claiming he's been "in hiding" ever since a July 5 altercation where Lavender allegedly grabbed a knife and threatened to kill him. 

In the docs, Ashley also says Lavender "grabbed my head and slammed it into the wall. She grabbed my neck and was choking me."

Ashley claims it wasn't the first time Lavender got violent with him -- alleging she also tried to choke him during a fight in June.  During that altercation, Ashley claims, "While I was grabbing for her hands she kneed me in the growing [SIC] area. My private area was throbbing from the pain."    

Damn, these female athletes aren't the type of chicks to mess with. But we still got love for them.

[via Off The Bench]