Okay, so Tim Tebow didn't explicitly say, "START PAYING COLLEGE ATHLETES NOW!" during his appearance on The Daily Show this week. But thanks to the clusterfuck that is the Ohio State University football program right now, Jon Stewart did ask your wifey's favorite quarterback what he thinks about college players getting paid to play. He played the PC card at first and skirted the issue, but he finally did agree that a little extra scratch would go a long way for the average college player.

"You're having a lot of athletes that work extremely hard, make millions and millions for universities, and they're just struggling to go out to Outback to get something to eat," Tebow said. "I think something fair would be so that athletes can get just a little bit more so they can go to dinner, afford a scooter to drive around campus, things like that."

Really, though? A scooter!? Not exactly the strongest argument, Tim, but nice effort. [via SB Nation]