Wow. So, know what you don't want to do if you're an NFL player right now? Withhold access from Yahoo! Sports writer Michael Silver. After Silver was turned away from a recent workout featuring a bunch of Carolina Panthers players by a uniformed cop who was hired by the players, he went off in his most recent column to the tune of 1500+ words dedicated to ripping each and every player there a new one for their callous move in the midst of a lockout.

"This just in, guys," he writes. "Nobody wants to steal any of your secrets, unless they're looking for a primer on how not to play professional football. And by locking out are damaging your cause on numerous levels...You're missing an opportunity to cast yourselves in a positive light during a time of tumultuous discord that threatens to get worse as the scheduled start of the 2011 season nears."

And then, in a final closing thought, he drops a bomb on the players. "Nice work, Panthers," he writes. "On a positive note, once the lockout ends and the games begin, you'll have to play a lot better than you did last year to merit any coverage whatsoever from reporters like me."

Ouch. Soooo, you guys ready to step out from behind the velvet ropes—or what? [via Yahoo! Sports]