We fux with New York Giants first-round pick Prince Amukamara. Outside of the fact that his first name is basically a wet dream for the headline writers over at the New York Post, NYC's new Prince of the city (see what we did there?!) took some time to talk to us about L.C. from The Hills, his love for the Mercedes G-Wagon, and, well, more L.C. from The Hills before the draft last week. So we were glad to see him land in the Big Apple after getting scooped up by the Giants.

But, did Amukamara—who was projected to be a top 10-pick in the 2011 NFL Draft—really fall all the way to the G-Men at No. 19 because...he's Nigerian? At least one NFL executive says that's the current thinking by many of his fellow executives and general managers in the NFL. "And it's not just white men," he said anonymously during the draft over the weekend. "It's whites and blacks." Their supposed reasoning? Nigerians are soft on the football field, not tough enough, and—our personal favorite—too educated.

Um, okay! So, do you really think this NFL exec speaks for all NFL execs out there? Are Nigerian players like Amukamara getting stereotyped because of their race? And did he really just lose a boatload of cash because the teams with the top 18 picks in the draft didn't think he could play as well as he did in college because of his race? Let us know if the race card needs to be pulled! [via National Football Post]

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