Boston Celtics guard Delonte West is definitely known for being a personality off the court, just as much as for being on it. Unfortunately for Celtics fans, he's seen more time on the sidelines than the floor this season, due to injuries and a suspension. But, he's set to return soon, and will certainly be a big part of Boston's title run. We got a chance to sit down with Delonte at a T-Mobile meet-and-greet event right outside Boston, and we chopped it up about both sides—who he is on and off the court. Read on to hear about his feelings on Kendrick Perkins leaving, who he's feeling in rap, and his plans to help the Celtics wrap this season with a championship… 

Interview by Jordan Martins (@jordan_martins)

Complex: You're a D.C. native, what's your favorite D.C. carryout place?

Delonte West: There's so many, it's tough, it's about your pick-and-choosing. The one thing about any carryout spot, as long as they got chicken wings and mumbo sauce, you good. 

Complex: You had some freestyle videos a few summers ago, what's your favorite rap album?

Delonte West: There's so many good ones. There's so many breakout artists that are coming out. I'm trying to keep up on World Star Hip Hop and Live Mixtapes. There's a nice youth movement: Drake, J. Cole, Wale, and a lot of young guys coming out. But I'm a fan of the originals; Jay-Z, Biggie, Pac, Common, I still keep that good stuff in rotation. I like a lot of everything. 

Complex: With Kendrick Perkins gone how is it affecting the chemistry in the locker room?

Delonte West: It hasn't affected too much; obviously guys definitely miss his presence. It's hard not to miss a guy like that, a guy who has been here for seven or eight years and given so much to the franchise—put his heart and soul into it. But that comes along with our job, and we need to put our personal feelings aside and focus on winning games. 

Complex: With the signing of Carlos Arroyo, it frees you up to play a lot more wing. How is that going to effect how you play the game? 

Delonte West: I don't think it will. I'm able to play with 1's and 2's. I work hard to make sure that I can do something on the floor. If I can help out defensively, be a shooting guard, a point guard, or a utility guy. I pride myself on that. However Doc wants to use me in the system, I'm a willing and ready soldier.

Complex: What matchups in the East are you worried about most defensively?

Delonte West: All of them really, you can't look past anybody. So many teams are playing well this year. You can't take any team lightly these days. A lot of teams are good. 

Complex: If you won a ring, who would be the first person you'd thank?

Delonte West: The Lord. You have to give The Lord his due, first and foremost. Also my grandfather, Henry Addison, who's on his last legs up in a hospital bed in D.C. He's a real live champion. He's holding on, I'm definitely trying to win a ring for him before he leaves us. 

Complex: Last but not least, who's a better dancer, you or Big Baby? You guys had a dance-off before…

Delonte West: Big Baby before, because I don't dance. All I do is the same old two-step. You from Complex Magazine, you know what I'm talking about, that playa shit.