He hasn't suited up for the team yet thanks to a nagging injury, but Kendrick Perkins has already increased the amount of shit talking that goes on in the Thunder locker room since getting traded to Oklahoma City last month. In the new issue of ESPN The Mag, Perk lets off another couple rounds at the Lakers (remember the first attack?)—the team OK City will likely have to face in order to make it out of the Western Conference this year. KP and his teammate Kevin Durant are both asked whether LA is still the team to beat or old news. KD is diplomatic with his answer. "They're the reigning champions," he says, "and still playing like it." KP? Not as much. "Yesterday's news," he says. "I don't like Pau Gasol or Phil Jackson. Phil is arrogant. Pau is soft. Kobe tries to bring out his toughness, but he's still soft." Why don't you tell us how you really feel, Perk? [LakersGround, via Boxden]