jimrussell_thumbnail<script src="http://complexvideo.com/newPlayer/einterface.php" language="javascript"></script> You can't drive as well as you believe you can. Sure, you can ably whip and wind your way through your city's traffic, and while that's commendable, it still doesn't equate to having real skill behind the wheel. If you were placed on a race track and told to go full speed, you would end up lodged in the tire wall. How do we know all this? Because before we got to the Sonoma, CA-based Jim Russell Racing Drivers School, we couldn't really drive, either. In order to fine-tune our wheel game, we attended the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Experience .

Using Mitsubishi's 2011 Lancer Evolution X, the instructors took us through a number of different exercises, including your basic slalom, a figure eight for us to practice drifting, and a mini autocross course. Through those exercises, we picked up a number of different skills along the way, all of which we used to lap the legendary Infineon Raceway. It was a day of trial and a lot of error, but we learned a lot—like, for one, to make sure your car is settled before tossing it into a turn. To help us impart all of what we learned to you, we asked a Jim Russell instructor to distill the day's lesson into the five most important racing tips you should know in the video above.