When you're 45 and a dude grabs your wife's ass, it's probably better to act like it didn't happen—more often than not, you'll get a black eye and have to pretend to co-workers like you got elbowed while playing basketball. Then there's Bernard "The Executioner" Hopkins, who at 45 is preparing for another big fight this Saturday: a rematch with Roy Jones Jr. that's been 16 years in the making. The Philadelphia native has taken on all comers during a distinguished career that has included a record 20 consecutive middleweight title defenses and wins over Oscar De La Hoya, Felix Trinidad, Antonio Tarver, Jermain Taylor, and most recently, Kelly Pavlik.

Hopkins' fight with Jones will be an opportunity to avenge one of only five losses in 55 fights. Complex caught up with Hopkins to talk about the most memorable bouts of his career. Take a look at these highlights...

Bernard Hopkins Knocks Out Felix Trinidad In The 12th Round, September 29, 2001
Bernard says: A historical year for the world and for me. Three weeks after 9/11 in Madison Square Garden, New York city of all places. That was something that sticks in my mind.

Bernard Hopkins Knocks Out Oscar De La Hoya In The Ninth Round, September 18, 2004
Bernard says: After I beat him, I became a superstar.

Bernard Hopkins Wins Unanimous Decision Over Antonio Tarver, June 10, 2006
Bernard says: I was a five-to-one underdog moving up from 160 to 175 lbs. No middleweight has ever done that in history. Sugar Ray Robinson was the closest. And he didn't come out for the 16th round in Yankee Stadium for the light heavyweight championship. So I accomplished what the greats never accomplished.

Hopkins Makes 20 Straight Successful Title Defenses As A Middleweight Champion
Bernard says: I broke Marvin Hagler's and Roy Jones' record, and set my own.

Bernard Hopkins Wins Unanimous Decision Over Kelly Pavlik, October 18, 2010
Bernard says: He is 17 years my junior, but I beat him in every round, and made it look easy at age 43.

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