The University of Oregon Ducks have long been known as a team that pushes the envelope when it comes to team attire. The 2009 uniforms (as seen above), which debuted this week, are yet another addition to a long line of flashy outfits the Ducks have donned. Even though their uniforms are pretty eccentric, we've always dug the Ducks' style. Since the team paired up with Nike in 1996 to design their outfits, they've come out with some of the funkiest garbs in college football history. As a token of our appreciation to these mighty Ducks, we've put together a quick look back at some of the team's most notable uniforms...


UNIFORM: Donald Duck Dickies
WORN: 1995 Rose Bowl, Oregon vs. Penn State
• One of the least visually abrasive get-ups ever worn by Oregon, these pre-Nike uniforms sported Donald Duck on the shoulder and an interlocking "U & O" on the helmet. Perhaps some more eye-scraping fluorescent would've helped the Ducks beat the Nittany Lions.


WORN: 1996 season
• Simplicity is nice. Here's a glimpse of the Ducks' "simply swoosh" jerseys that filled the team's locker room in the seasons before Oregon's uniforms really started to get hectic.


UNIFORM: Monochromatic Madness
WORN: 2000 Holiday Bowl
• This jersey put the Ducks in all black from head-to-toe, with a few signature dashes of green and yellow. The all-black joints are pretty sweet, especially when seen in action.


UNIFORM: Electric Jersey Acid Test
WORN: August 30, 2003, Oregon vs Miss. State
• These Hi-Liter yellow jerseys elicited gasps from the shocked crowd when the Ducks trotted onto the field in the 2003 season opener at Mississippi State. These jerseys, perhaps the brightest ever in the history of college football, were worn only once. It turns out that electric yellow bleeds in the washing machine and that was the end of these, ahem, uniforms. If the team came out rocking O.G. Air Max 95s, it would've been a wrap, son.


WORN: 2006-2008
• When these bad boys were rolled out in 2006, the possibilities were almost endless. Actually, according to the University of Oregon web site, there were literally 384 possible combos between helmets, jerseys, pants, socks, and shoes. One notable combo was the notorious mustard-and-relish version. The number of possibilities jumped to 512 when the Ducks introduced their fluorescent-yellow helmets during the 2006 Las Vegas Bowl. The white jerseys would also become a source of controversy because they were literally so bright players began to complain about being blinded by the diamond-plated reflectors.


UNIFORM: Wingin' It
WORN: 2009
• Here's the newest addition to the Ducks' wardrobe, which look strikingly similar to the special edition "Lights Out" uniforms the Ducks sported at home against Arizona last season. These uniforms are more durable with a design that is 28% lighter than their diamond-plated predecessors. As for the wings, they're just another way for the Ducks to look even more flamboyant—word to Big L!