Nike has announced that it is no longer taking online orders on its Russian-language website as businesses continue to be affected by fallout from Russia’s military attack on Ukraine.

A message that greets shoppers on the sites’s front page loosely translates to “Nike currently cannot guarantee product delivery to customers in Russia. Purchases on the website and the Nike app are temporarily unavailable in this region. Visit your nearest Nike store.”

Nike Suspends Online Sales in Russia
Image via Nike

While other major corporations, such as Apple, have halted business in Russia altogether, Nike hasn’t done so yet, and pointing customers toward its 100+ physical locations in Russia suggests that it’s still doing some business there for the time being. UPS, FedEx, DHL and other major shipping companies have put a hold on Russian business, which, at least partially, explains why Nike can no longer guarantee delivery in the country.

Nike hasn’t yet commented on its future business intentions in Russia.