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Before crafting fits worn by Playboi Carti, Billie Eilish and Frank Ocean, Alexandra Hackett cut her teeth working at Hype DC. The lifelong sneakerhead forged her radical style of fashion alchemy using retail experience, an eye for branding and devotion to innovative sportswear. She currently runs studio ALCH as well as her buzzing Instagram @miniswoosh from London. 

Alexandra reincarnates materials into slick garments with sustainability at the core. Her most experimental designs live with her personal brand Mini Swoosh. If the fabrics have been used in one way, you can guarantee she’s thought of another, more stylish purpose. 

From deadstock to deluxe – Alexandra has upcycled windscreen covers, bubble wrap, Ikea bags, NASA space foil, Airpods and Nike Dri-Fit socks. Her recrafted bucket hats, vests and utility-wear lace celebrities, fashion models and savvy consumers alike.

Starting out serving up Air Max 90s in Richmond to collaborating with Nike, the Australian-born innovator is going full circle and reflecting on just how big an impact sneaker culture has had on her life as part of Hype DC’s latest Sneakertellers campaign.

In collaboration with Hype DC, Alexandra shares her sneaker journey, one that has ended in finding passion and purpose for reincarnating materials into slick, experimental garments with sustainability at the core.