So, it’s been a wild weekend. Especially if you’re Adidas CEO Kasper Rørsted, Adidas Senior Vice President Daniel Cherry, or just about anybody with some measure of influence at Adidas. Kanye West is pissed. He believes he’s lost control of Yeezy footwear and that high-ranking officials are making decisions about the line without his input. Furthermore, and perhaps even more damning, Kanye is accusing Adidas of flat-out stealing his designs, with recent non-Yeezy Adidas footwear like the adiFOM Q and the Adilette 22 bearing close resemblance to his products.

Now, the proverbial stuff has hit the fan and Kanye is saying that he wants out of his Adidas contract due to what he believes is a breach. Adidas isn’t commenting on the matter as of yet, but Kanye has vowed to keep commenting until he gets his desired resolution. The options appear to be between more money and power at Adidas or a breakup with the company that helped him reach billionaire status. Kanye is under contract with Adidas until 2026, so the end of this dispute may not be imminent.

In the meantime, here’s a rundown of everything Kanye West is saying about Adidas right now.