Ask somebody who knows: If you're going to wear the collection of sneakers you've fought hard to acquire, you've got to keep them looking clean and fresh day in and day out. That's no easy feat, especially if you're prone to wearing them out at night after hours, where they might fall victim to spilled drinks, scuffed toes, or the general grit and grime of your favorite clubs or dive bars.

Of course, even simply walking down the street to the corner store can pose a serious threat to your new sneakers, testing just how far you're willing to go to keep them pristine. And, please, don't even think about just throwing them in the washing machine; we've come too far to rely on such base-level treatments as that.

If you aren't privy to tricks of the trade, allow us to help you out. You can always buy a sneaker kit, like the ones made by Jason Markk that are specifically designed to give you all the tools you need to clean your shoes. Or, you can follow some insider hacks that take household goods and turn them into a sneakerhead's best friend. You may have never thought about lighter fluid for anything other than firing up the grill, but trust us: There are other things it's good for. And the same goes for peanut butter. You're welcome.

In the past, we've had our guy DeadstockNYC come through with some hilarious sneaker memes. But here, we are flipping the script, and Deadstock is giving you some tips on how to clean up your favorite kicks that got beat up at the club last night. Scroll through the slides and follow the instructions closely. If you do, you might even be able to get those Henny stains out of your Dunks. 

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