Adidas Bumps Under Armour Out of Its U.S. Ranking

Adidas Regains Number Two Spot

Kanye West
Image via Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports
Kanye West

There’s no doubt that Adidas has been on a roll as of late. Between the success of the Yeezy line and the popularity of the Ultra Boost and NMD, the brand has been the talk of the sneakerhead community.

It appears that popularity is translating into real-world numbers too. It was just last year that Under Armour overtook Adidas for the number-two spot, but they couldn’t hold it for long. According to NPD Retail Tracking, Adidas has regained second place in U.S. in the sports footwear and apparel category, trailing only Nike. While the still far behind Nike’s market share, with the recent news of Nike's struggling stocks, Adidas clearly as the momentum to make a dent in their lead. 

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