How to Buy the 'Shrek' x Crocs Clog Collab

The raffle is now open for a limited time.

Image via Crocs

Hot on the heels of its viral "Lightning McQueen" release, we're now learning that Crocs has yet another movie-themed makeup of its ubiquitous Classic Clog on the way.

For its upcoming project, the footwear company has joined forces with the animation studio DreamWorks to create the "Shrek" Crocs Classic Clog shown here. This collab is directly inspired by the aesthetic of Shrek, as it features a bright green color scheme referencing the ogre's skin tone.

The silhouette also features a fuzzy brown strap on the heel as a nod to Shrek's iconic brown vest, along with a special Jibbitz inspired by the ogre's facial features attached to the forefoot. Shrek branding is stamped on the underfoot and printed on the sides as well.

There are no official release details available for this "Shrek" Crocs Classic Clog collab at the time of writing. Grab a closer look at the collab below as we await more details from the brand.

UPDATE (09/12): Fans who have been eagerly awaiting the release of the "Shrek" Crocs Classic Clog will now have the opportunity to buy a pair. The raffle for a chance to purchase the project is now open at for 24 hours.