Customer's 'Bred Reimagined' Air Jordan 4 Has Upside Down Jumpman

This pair came with defective tongue tag.

Every so often, defective pairs of Air Jordans slip past quality control and make their way into the hands of customers. The latest release that's garnering attention is this "Bred Reimagined" Air Jordan 4, pictured here.

Instagram user @almiighty.lynden shared images of the sneaker on the platform this week, revealing that the size 13 pair of the "Bred Reimagined" Air Jordan 4 he bought from JD Sports came with an upside-down Jumpman tongue tag on the right shoe. The owner of the defective shoe listed it on eBay yesterday with a starting bid of $4,000 and a $14,000 "Buy It Now" price, but the listing has been taken down.

Given the sheer volume of Air Jordan sneakers that are being produced with any given release, it should come as no surprise that a few defective pairs do make it past quality control. Back in 2018, a customer purchased a "Gold Toe" Air Jordan 1 that came with a flipped Swoosh logo.

Scroll on for a closer look at the one-off "Bred Reimagined" Air Jordan 4.