Shaq Defends His Budget Sneakers

After comedian Funny Marco said he was picked on for wearing Shaq's shoes.

Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images for Warner Bros. Discovery

Aside from the long list of accomplishments he has achieved in the NBA, Hall-of-Fame big man Shaquille O'Neal is also known for selling affordable sneakers to children at retailers like Payless and Walmart since the early 2000s. Despite the sneakers being more affordable than the existing Nike and Jordan models they replicated, there was a negative connotation associated with owning the budget sneakers.

In the latest episode of Shaq's The Big Podcast, comedian Funny Marco spoke about his experience of owning a pair of Shaq sneakers as a kid. At the 28:22 mark, Funny Marco explains that he was picked on for wearing Dunkman sneakers given the price point of the shoe and having holes at the bottom of them. Shaq defends the sneakers by saying they were made in the same factories as other brands and that he's still making millions from selling them.

Funny Marco then points out the similarities between Shaq's Dunkman branding and Michael Jordan's Jumpman logo and how it doesn't appear to be the big man dunking in the design.

Readers who are interested in watching the hilarious interaction between Shaq and Funny Marco can do so in the clip below.

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