The 30 Most Important Nike Logos of All Time

From the iconic Swoosh to the Jordan Wings, here are the 30 most important Nike logos ever created.

Nike Logos Lead
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Nike Logos Lead

The Nike Swoosh is a logo legend. And while the Swoosh has stood as one of the world's most recognizable logos for nearly 50 years, Nike's mark on sportswear iconography offers one of the richest of any brand. Think Jumpman, Swingman, and hundreds upon hundreds more. 

Nike's logo library extends far wider than the Swoosh. The brand has created a bounty of logos for its products, some obscure (the 1990s were the heyday of logo creation and hundreds were made just in that decade alone) and some iconic. It has built logos for shoes, events, athletes, and partner institutions (think: University of Oregon). The Department of Nike Archives has chronicled much of this history. Below are some of the most memorable logos from Nike's catalog.

Blue Ribbon Sports

Blue Ribbon Sports Logo

The Swoosh

The Swoosh Logo

Sunburst Design

Nike Sunburst Logo

Athletics West

Athletics West Logo

Nike Air

Nike Air Logo

Air Force 1

Nike Air Force 1 Logo

Jordan Wings

Jordan Wings Logo


Nike Force Logo


Jumpman Logo

All Conditions Gear

Nike All Conditions Gear Logo

The All Conditions Gear logo appeared in 1989, using triangles, the international symbol for warning or danger, to bring to life the brand's first outdoor footwear and apparel line. A 1996 update from designer Michael Hernandez turned those triangles into a pair of lungs, one of the most iconic logos from Nike.

Nike All Conditions Gear Logo


Just Do It

Nike Just Do It Logo

Bo Jackson

Nike Bo Jackson Logo


Nike Flight Logo

Challenge Court

Nike Challenge Court Logo

Air Max 93

Nike Air Max 93 Logo

Diamond Turf

Nike Diamond Turf Logo

Air Huarache

Nike Air Huarache Logo


Nike Cross Training Logo

Charles Barkley

Nike Charles Barkley Logo

Air Max 95

Nike Air Max 95 Logo

1 Cent

Nike 1 Cent Logo


Nike Swingman Logo

Air Elements

Nike MX Air Logo

Nike released the family of Elements logos for the differing forms of Nike Air technology in 1999, around the same time Nike's original Air-Sole patents were reaching the end of their 20-year non-renewal lifespan. Nike designer Derek Welch based the concepts on an elemental point of view with a scientific approach. Once that was settled, the focus was finding new ways to tell a technology story visually. Ultimately, the designs kept the Swoosh attached to the marks so the Nike portion didn't get lost.

Nike Tn Air Logo
Nike TL Air Logo
Nike Zm Air Logo
Nike Lo Air Logo


Alpha Project

Nike Alpha Project Logo


Nike Shox Logo

Tiger Woods

Nike Tiger Woods Logo

LeBron James

Nike LeBron James Logo

Total 90

Nike Total 90 Logo

Serena Williams

Nike Serena Williams Logo

Kobe Bryant

Nike Kobe Bryant Logo

The first-ever logo for Kobe Bryant was actually his signature in 2006, but later that year Tom Luedecke, who left Nike for Under Armour in 2013, created the mark that has stood since. Looking for a symbol of Kobe's personality and style, Nike design legend Tinker Hatfield and Luedecke worked on a mark that began as backward and forward Ks laid on top of each other. "If you actually look at it, there's a 'K' in both directions like an anagram," Hatfield says. "And it was what we thought was aggressive and gladiator-like."

Nike Kobe Bryant Logo