10 Reasons You Should Own Nike Air Monarchs

Hey, Nike sells them by the truckload.


In 2013, the Nike Air Monarch IV was Nike's best-selling model. Not in terms of dollars made—that was the Air Force 1 Low—but in terms of pairs sold*. Surprised? Yes, sneakerheads, the world (even the sneaker world) doesn't revolve around you. So wait in line all you want for those hypersuperultrastrikes while pretty much everyone else in the country (including your dad) goes to JC Penney or Modell's to cop $65 crosstrainers that you don't even acknowledge. But what if they know something you don't? What if they have it right and you have it wrong? OK, maybe things aren't so black and white, but still, aren't you curious what all the fuss (or lack thereof) is about? Here's 10 Reasons You Should Own Nike Air Monarchs. Thank us later.

* Numbers from Matt Powell at SportsOneSource.

You can get three pairs for less than a pair of Air Jordan IIIs.

No one will ask you about your shoes.

They go with everything.

Wear a pair for a month straight.

Everyone else has them.

You'll be wearing them when you're 50 anyway—get a preview now.

Wear the same pair of shoes all day.

It won't matter if they get scuffed.

See life from a non-sneakerhead perspective.

Hey, you might like it.