10 Skate Shoes You Shouldn't Have Slept On in 2012

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No. 10 - eS Edgar

Some of you may be scratching your head when seeing the eS Edgar placed on this list but the fact remains that it's last colorways were released for Spring 2012. After the heartbreaking news of eS' demise in late 2011, it sent consumers on a frenzy to get every last pair (literally) of eS footwear they could get their hands on. Plus, it was an incredible model that could've potentially saved the brand if released a bit earlier. RIP eS Skateboarding.


No. 9 - Habitat Footwear Getz Limited 

Kerry Getz sits among a class of legendary skateboarders so after parting ways with his long time sponsor, DVS, he found no problem finding a new home at Habitat Footwear. After welcoming Kerry with open arms, they wasted no time in giving him an exclusive pro model that reflects much of the similarities of his first pro model. Aside from supporting a skateboarder of his caliber, the Getz limited was a "must buy" because of it's nostalgic and newly modernized design.


No. 8 - Nike SB Koston 1 X Heritage (Air Max 90)

The Koston 1 finds it's way on this list despite it's 2011 release. It's only saving grace though is the rendition it received during 2012 with the release of the "Air Max Koston". As an immediate "must get" for many, rumors began circulating of it's plumped-up Lunarlon insole that would be seen as a preview of what's to come in the Koston 2's. As you probably imagined, it increased it's value exponentially and practically left consumers eager to try it's newly (supposed) modified insole and construction, even at a $25 increase.


No. 7 - Adidas Roger Adi-Ease

Even though the actual release of the shoe was during late 2011, the real appeal towards the Adi-Ease came about when Adidas decided to collaborate with underground favorites, Roger Skateboards. With the favoritism of vulcanize models coming to an end in 2012, the Roger X Adi-Ease shoe gave us a reason to slip on some thin vulc shoes just one more time…


No. 6 - Lakai Marc

Anticipation for Pretty Sweet was beyond huge but the same could be said about Marc Johnson's signature pro model from Lakai; especially once that genius commercial was released to the public. It earns it's place on the list for it's unique desert boot design and because of it's appeal during those times when you're not looking to skate. For those who have skated it, we've heard nothing but great praise which makes the Marc that much more universal and appealing than most skate shoes out today.


No. 5 - Vans Syndicate Cab Lite "S"

After celebrating 20 years of the Half Cab, Vans thought it was perfect timing to give the classic, and most celebrated model in skateboarding a makeover. The Cab Lite was introduced in a similar silhouette but featured a new one piece toe cap and ultra light body, making the shoe an immediate buy and in the process, broadened it's potential to new consumer base that was once scared of it's bulky predecessor.


No. 4 - Fallen Capitol

There aren't many ways you can increase the appeal of a thin, slip-on skate shoe but Fallen footwear managed to do so with the addition of Jack Curtin. With subtle but remarkable additions of a skate-able sockliner, the Capitol grossed to be Fallen's highest selling model in the company's history with it's release in 2012.


No. 3 - Emerica G6

Bryan Herman's skating can be only be described as "stylish as fuck" and sure enough, that's been the overall consensus when talking about his newest shoe, the G6. With it's release in late 2012, it reignited every consumer that was still weary of riding a solid cupsole shoe.


No. 2 - Etnies Marana

Ryan Sheckler finds his latest pro model at the mercy of our weak and damaged knees and for our love of early 2000 "tech" nostalgia. The Etnies Marana silhouette isn't falling in line with the lookalikes or trends of the industry. Instead, it was designed with durability in mind, a quality that the skateboarding industry has placed in the last of it's priorities, until now. The Etnies Marana is back to remind us that it's function over fashion but then again, the shoe isn't bad looking at all and brings together an abundant amount of colorway possibilities with it's rubber paneled toe piece.


No. 1 - DC Centric S

The Bubble is back…for a new generation of skateboarders that is. Popularized and placed in the 90's/Early 2000's, a footwear technology boom hit skateboarding harder than a right hand from Mickey Reyes. After a lengthy and needed hiatus, the bubble/airbag technology was revived this year by DC skateboarding to a new and questionable market of skateboarders. But, as with any underdog story, if there was going to be a figure to accompany the bubble's uphill battle, it was going to be someone with an un-match ranking in skateboarding. Josh Kalis & DC would team up again to tackle this now taboo design and modernize it for the skateboarders of today that are looking for support and durability as their main concern. Any doubt of the bubble was silenced once you set your eyes the Centric S' commercial featuring those beautiful, Kalis signature 360 flips.


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