Nike Co-Founder Phil Knight Isn't Worried About Donald Trump's Trade Policies

During an appearance on FOX News' Kilmeade and Friends, Nike co-founder Phil Knight addressed Donald Trump's desire to bring more manufacturing to America.

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Like so many of Donald Trump's stances, the Republican nominee's views on trade have been controversial to say the least, but Nike co-founder Phil Knight says he's not fazed by Trump's proposed policies.

"I'm not bothered by Nike on that area," Knight told FOX News' Kilmeade and Friends. "Because essentially, our shoes are high end anyway. Our average price is like $88, so if we have to move our price up to $125... the other guy's got to move his shoe price up to $100. We might gain market share. I do think free trade is good for the world and good for the United States."

Knight's statement came after the host asked about Trump's insistence on forcing brands like Apple to bring their production stateside. Although the discussion is purely hypothetical, the possibility of American sneaker production is something that Nike has already been working on behind the scenes for awhile. 

Listen to the full interview here.