A Skate Shop Was Robbed at Gunpoint for a Pair of Air Jordans

San Diego skate shop Overload was hit with its first armed robbery in over 16 years of business yesterday when someone stole a pair of Air Jordans.

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Sneaker-related robberies are nothing new, but not many criminals are reckless enough to rob a store at gunpoint, especially not for a single pair of shoes.

However, that's exactly what happened yesterday at San Diego skate shop Overload, when a man lifted his shirt and revealed a gun after spending 20 minutes trying on shoes. He then grabbed a pair of blue Jordan Horizons and ran out of the store.

According to the store's owner, it's the first armed robbery to take place at Overload in 16 years of business. 

We're not advocating this type of behavior by any means, but Jordan Horizons? Really? Could this guy have picked a more swagless model to lay it all on the line for? 


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