Jordan Brand Is Opening a New Flagship Store in Toronto

The 6 is getting its own Jordan Brand store.

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Just a little over a month after opening a new flagship location in Chicago, Jordan Brand's already planning for the future.

According to Retail Insider, Toronto will become the latest city to get its own Jordan store. The site has uncovered floor plans for the new location in The 6, which depict a three-story retail space that includes a 1,200-square-foot gym, lounges, multiple showers and washrooms, and more.

Set to fill the space at 306 Yonge Street formerly occupied by Guess, this latest Jordan Brand location will sit directly across the street from an adidas store, something that's sure to result in at least a few awkward moments. 

There's no set date for when the location will open, but with All-Star Weekend 2016 looming in Toronto, we wouldn't be at all surprised if something official is announced before then. This also seems like it would be the perfect occasion to release one of Drake's "OVO" Jordans, so stay tuned to see what the brand has in store.

Check out the plans below.



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