Chris Brown Really Got an Air Jordan Tattooed on His Face

Chris Brown actually got an Air Jordan III tattooed on his face. See the singer's permanent sneaker ink here.

Chris Brown Air Jordan 3 Tattoo

Image via @gangatattoo

Chris Brown Air Jordan 3 Tattoo

Chris Brown has never been one to hide his love for sneakers⁠—in case you missed it, he showed off some of his insane collection in a 2017 episode of "Complex Closets"⁠—but this is without a doubt his biggest show of commitment to footwear thus far.

Tattoo artist Ganga shared one of his most recent works for the R&B singer, and it's one that has to be seen to be believed. Brown decided to have Ganga ink the Air Jordan III on his right cheek. All of the details of the actual sneaker can be made out, from the elephant print and stitching to a somewhat off-kilter Jumpman logo. Ganga shared a close-up of the permanent IIIs, while Brown shared another image with the tattoo visible.

Ganga tells Complex that the singer saw one of Brown's previous shoe tats, an Off-White x Air Jordan 1 (pictured below), and decided he wanted one of his own. "He loved it and showed me the Jordan shoe he wanted, which were his favorite Jordan shoes," Ganga said.

According to Ganga, he wasn't hesitant to ink Brown's face because he's already done several other face tattoos for the singer. Brown has been commissioning work from Ganga since August 2018.  

Reactions to the tattoo appear to be split. Some are commending the detail and dedication, while others are pleading for Ganga to stop inking Brown's face.

Sneaker tattoos aren't a new trend by any means, but we'd be lying if we said we saw this one coming.