Video: Sneakerheads Making a (Bad?) Name For Themselves on Judge Joe Brown

Internet fame, sneakerhead style.

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We are always talking about how people don't understand sneakerheads, and how lame sneakerheads can be but in case you needed another example for either case, Judge Joe Brown has your back. The Nike Air Yeezy II stirred up all sorts of fuckery when it released, but these two 'heads decided to let "the court" (if you can call it that), handle their dispute. Judge Joe Brown asks the most important question, "Well, why are you offering $1200 for a pair of tennis shoes?" Then follows buy repeatedly sonning the two parties involved in the debacle. After fake tracking numbers, lost receipts, middle men and a "sneaky sneaker deal," the verdict is in but we'll let you decide for yourself whether either of these guys end up on the lames list with the Judge Judy kids or not.

Would you ever want to be on TV to argue over sneakers? Let us know in the comment section below.

[via @DeadStockNYC]

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