Four Suspects Arrested Over $58,000 Nike Sneaker Scam

Four suspects in Shanghai have been arrested for ordering $58,000 worth of Nike sneakers and sending the company back fake pairs in exchange.

China Sneaker Fraud 1
Image via Shine/Yangpu Police/Ti Gong
China Sneaker Fraud 1

Four suspects have been arrested in China for trying to steal $58,000 worth of authentic sneakers from Nike.

According to Shinethe suspects ordered over 200 pairs from the company's online store. They then replaced all of the pairs with fake sneakers and attempted to send them back for a full refund. Meanwhile, they were selling the legit pairs through their three web stores for under retail.

Authorities in the Yangpu District of Shanghai began investigating the matter back in August when Nike identified they had been receiving multiple refunds with fake sneakers starting in June. Two of the suspects were originally caught on Nov. 28. The other two would later turn themselves in. They have allegedly confessed to the wrongdoing. 

There is currently no further information on the penalties these individuals will face for their fraudulent actions.  

China Sneaker Fraud 1