ASAP Rocky Wore a Classic Nike SB Sneaker on Peter Rosenberg's 'Open Late'

ASAP Rocky was a guest on Peter Rosenberg's new Complex Show, 'Open Late,' and wore Futura's collaboration on Paul Rodriguez's first shoe with Nike SB.

ASAP Rocky Open Late Sneakers
Image via Complex Original/David Cabrera
ASAP Rocky Open Late Sneakers

When ASAP Rocky wears something, everyone pays attention. Especially when it comes to his sneakers. On the first episode of Complex's newest show, Open Late, hosted by Peter Rosenberg, Rocky went into his bag and broke out a pair of Nike SB sneakers from 2005. 

The sneakers are street artist Futura's collaboration on Paul Rodriguez's first signature shoe, the Nike Zoom P Rod 1. They feature a grey and black upper with patent leather and Futura's artwork.


What makes them special is that, while they used to be insanely hyped, they've cooled down over the years. No one's checking for Nike SB anymore, although instances of the sneakers conjure up feelings of yesteryear: a day and age before you could purchase full size runs of the latest and greatest shoe without the aide of a bot.

This isn't the only skate shoe Rocky has worn recently, however. He also sported an all-black pair of the Osiris D3, the signature shoe of pro skater Dave Mayhew, which first released in 2001 and that many consider the ugliest skate shoe of all-time. The shoe's from an era where many skate shoes were overdone: full of questionably functional air pockets, fat tongues, and covered in plastic. Mall kids still bought them by the boatloads, and Osiris was a West Coast movement in Southern California in the early 2000s.

But if Rocky can pull them off, others will try to as well.

If you want to hear Rosenberg's thoughts on sneakers, watch his episode of Sole Collector's Full Size Run below.

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