Oklahoma City Thunder Unveil Alternate Uniforms

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OKC took a page from the Spurs last night, as Kevin Durant and company unveiled a new, somewhat boring alternate uniform in a home game against the Pistons.

If you’re a minimalist then the simple white-on-navy blue layout is sure to get your approval. However, for the rest of us jersey fanatics, the new Thunder look is just plain awful. In fact, we haven’t seen anything this bad since the atrocious Miami Floridan jerseys worn by the Heat last season.

From a prestige standpoint, the uniform is designed to demonstrate the strength and sudden rise of the Thunder brand—hence the vertical formatting of the word “T-H-U-N-D-E-R” meant to represent a tower. Unfortunately, going with such a dull look doesn’t quite work for a team who is recognized as a young, high velocity squad. Perhaps something a bit more modern and flashy would do the trick.

The worse part of all this is that this isn’t a one-and-done deal. The Thunder will wear these alternates 11 more times through the season. If you're feelin' these, you can grab a swingman for $80 at the NBA Store.


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