Adidas Has Launched an Interactive Photography Campaign to Celebrate the Design Idea Behind the NMDs

Adidas has launched an interactive campaign about photography to celebrate the thinking behind the NMD's design. Check out the details here.

Just last week Adidas Originals unveiled a new interactive ad campaign to promote their popular NMD sneakers. Since the bar for ad campaigns is constantly being raised, this latest mix from the longtime sportswear manufacturer has combined social media experts in both New York City and Los Angeles with custom Instagram Stories, pop-up events, Google Maps, and photography. This particular campaign is only set to last until Sunday, July 16. Though we're guessing at this moment you just want some details. Got it.

The push will follow the Instagram stories of a pair of social media photographers with built-in audiences who have cataloged the going-ons of the two largest cities in America. NYC native Dondre Green will give a tour of places important to him by snapping shots of his hometown. While L.A.-based Sagan Lockhart will do the same in his. If you so choose, you can then watch these two visit these locations (as well as get a look at items from their 'capture collections,' that will give you some insight into their creative processes) via Adidas Originals' Instagram Stories.

In addition to watching, you can also take part in the campaign through a Google Maps-powered photo submission process that gives you a 360-degree view of undisclosed places chosen by either Adidas Originals, Green, or Lockhart. Using the hashtags: #NMD_360NYC #Contest or #NMD_360LA #Contest you can snap an image with your smartphone and submit it to the Adidas team. They will then choose their two favorite shots and give prizes from the aforementioned 'capture collections' to the respective photographers (you, maybe?). Plus they'll also give the winners the newest edition of the NMD silhouette, and make travel arrangements for the winners to either NYC or L.A. to create their own exploratory tours. Could be perfect for creative types.

In case you're wondering the routes of these tours, you can follow both Dondre's and Sagan's journeys by checking out their Instagrams now. Furthermore, you can submit your own contributions up until the deadline on Sunday, July 16.

Finally, the series will wrap-up with a pair of 'Camera Obscura' galleries (one for New York, and one for L.A., which you probably get at this point) where both fans, participants in the contest, or some overlapping of the two, can check out early image projection and recreation techniques. You can also get a look at those 'capture collection' tools we've mentioned a few times by now.

To bring this full circle, the entire experience intends to celebrate the philosophy behind the design of the NMDs, meaning Adidas is looking back at the past of photography while simultaneously celebrating the future. It also embraces the nomad (a.k.a. NMD...makes sense now if it didn't before) and urban exploration themes that go hand-in-hand with the shoe's style.

If you're interested you have until Sunday to get in on it.