Nike Says Bots Won't Help You Get Exclusive Access on SNKRS

Nike revealed that bots won't help members get exclusive access to coveted products on the SNKRS. Click here to learn more about how Exclusive Access works.

Inside SNKRS Exclusive Access Banner

Image via Nike

Inside SNKRS Exclusive Access Banner

After confirming last month that an update is coming to the SNKRS app’s Exclusive Access launch model this summer, Nike has provided another layer of insight on how to cop exclusive sneakers on the platform.

Today, the brand shared more details in an Inside SNKRS post, which details how users can receive access to coveted drops outside of regular launches. According to the brand, the goal of Exclusive Access is to provide members with access to exclusive products that they’ll enjoy. Content engagement like getting notified of upcoming drops as well as tuning into SNKRS Live sessions are some of the ways that will determine a user’s chance of getting exclusive access.

The brand also confirmed that getting a bot to tap on buttons or setting up multiple new accounts on your mobile devices won’t increase your chances and could result in a user getting blocked from launch access.

Off White x Air Jordan 5 'Sail' Exclusive Access

Although the feature has been recently updated, Nike giving its members Exclusive Access to coveted products outside of their standard launches isn’t new. Several popular sneakers, such as the Off-White x Air Jordan 5 released last fall, have been featured in the drops. Nike has confirmed that Virgil Abloh’s upcoming 50-sneaker Off-White x Dunk collection will be released solely through Exclusive Access.

Nike once again reminds users that members who are lucky enough to receive exclusive access to the limited releases may not always have the chance to purchase the product in their preferred sizes and that product is available on a limited basis.