Mike Bibby's Sneaker Endorsement Came Down to Jordan Brand and Puma

Mike Bibby revealed that he chose to sign with Jordan Brand over Puma. Click here to learn more.

Mike Bibby Air Jordan 8 Cool Grey
Image via Kelley L. Cox for USA Today Sports
Mike Bibby Air Jordan 8 Cool Grey

Mike Bibby easily has one of the best player-exclusive Air Jordan collections of all time, but there was a possibility that he initially could've signed with a different brand.

In the latest episode of The Players Tribune's web series "Houseguest" hosted by Nate Robinson, he got to check out Bibby's estate as well as his exclusive sneaker collection that consists of many Air Jordan PEs. During the video, Robinson asked Bibby how his Jordan Brand endorsement deal came about and he revealed that he was in talks with both Puma and Jordan Brand before becoming a member of Team Jordan in 1998.

"It was gonna be Puma or Jordan—if I wanted more money, or less money [plus] shoes," Bibby recalled. "[They asked] 'would you sign with brand Jordan?' That wasn’t a question, I said 'hell yeah I want to.' and it was over with. I was with them for fourteen years."

Check out the latest episode in his entirety below.

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