The 25 Best High School Football Uniforms

The 25 Best High School Football Uniforms

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All thirty two NFL teams got new uniforms courtesy of Nike this year, and several college football teams got a new look prior to the season, but what about high school teams? It just wouldn’t be right to leave the youngsters out of the action. adidas just hooked several high school football teams across the nation up with new Techfit uniforms that will (hopefully) make them lighter and faster this fall.

However adidas isn’t alone in the race to outfit the top high school athletes in the country, Under Armour and Nike rolled out new logos, patterns, and base layer protection for the field. Now the only thing left to do is decide who’s got the varsity look, and who is still stuck on the JV level. Take a look at The 25 Best High School Football Uniforms this season.

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No. 25 - Saguaro High School

Location: Scottsdale, AZ

Sponsor: adidas

Arizona State Championships six-times around in the bag are intimidating enough, much less their all black everything 'fits. And that's exactly what this Scottsdale team has under their belt this fall. Wearing brand new adidas Techfit gear, the Sabercats are a forced to be reckoned with.  


No. 24 - Tigard High School

Location: Tigard, OR

Sponsor: Nike

Back into the traditional black and green look from last year's breast cancer takeover that probably would have put them higher on this list, the Tigers have the most basic helmet logo out there, but we give props to their old school look.

No. 23 - Trinity High School

Location: Louisville, KY

Sponsor: adidas

The Shamrocks have their rivals, the St. Xavier Tigers beat in the gear department. Now how will this play out on the field this fall? adidas Techfit is on display yet again, giving us a preview of some of the coolest branding we've seen in awhile.


No. 22 - East Grand Rapids High School

Location: East Grand Rapids, MI

Sponsor: Under Armour

Residing in the same state as the University of Michigan, the East Grand Rapids Pioneers pay tribute to the Wolverines by rocking a familiar navy and yellow color scheme. Under Armour's streak of providing gear to the best teams in the country continues, assuring that the Pioneers will be well-equipped come game time.



No. 21 - Colquitt County High School

Location: Moultrie, GA

Sponsor: Russell Athletic

Georgia's Colquitt County shines in black and maize uniforms provided by Russel Athletic. Seeking function over flash, the Packers bold branding lets opponents know they mean business.


No. 20 - Monticello High School

Location: Charlottesville, VA

Sponsor: Under Armour

Sharing a strong similarity to the New Orleans Saints, this black and gold getup has been the choice of Monticello High School since its inception. In 2007, they became the first team in their area to ever win a state championship. Athletic Director Fitzgerald Barnes says his team prefers to keep it "old school",  opting for tackle twill and traditional materials instead of the more modern fabrics.



No. 19 - Edison High School

Location: Fresno, CA

Sponsor: Russell Athletics

As one of the top high school football programs in the state of California, the Tigers look fierce in their black and gold gear. For a powerhouse like Edison, it's only fitting they get a solid look to match the team's intensity on the field. Edison returns to its roots in 2012 with the Michigan-style three stripes helmet. Former NFL pro Ricky Manning Jr. returns to his alma mater as a coach to lead the Tigers back to glory.



No. 18 - Vista Murrieta High School

Location: Murrieta, CA

Sponsor: Nike

The Vista Murrieta Broncos have the LA Times "Coach of the Year" Coley Candaele leading them...they also have some pretty solid uniforms, complete with gleaming gold helmet. Though Candaele warned this year's team wasn't the same as last year due to key players graduating, with a season opening upset, the 2012 Broncos team has proved they're up to the challenge, and future championships.


No. 17 - Long Beach Polytechnic High School

Location: Long Beach, CA

Sponsor: adidas

When adidas decided to bless a few high school teams with Techfit jerseys, the brand was sure to represent team spirit head-to-toe. The "LB Poly" gloves are a good effort, but don't quite add up to the coolness of Nike glove's interlocking design. This would make alot more sense if the school had a "U" somewhere in the name.



No. 16 - Calvert High School

Location: Baltimore, MD

Sponsor: Nike

With a recent jump to the No. 3 ranked team in the state of Maryland the Calvert High Cardinals have surpassed Gilman, who has been the highest ranker in recent years. They also just defeated reigning state champs Dunbar in the I-95 Classic...30-6. While they may have lost five of their All Metro players from last season to graduation, the Cardinals are proving that they're a team to look out for. Shouldn't be too hard to do with those bright uniforms.


No. 15 - Beaverton High School

Location: Beaverton, OR

Sponsor: adidas

This sleek, all-black look is a great look for the Bucky the Beaver athletes. The Techfit uni’s will make them lighter on the field, and the simple design proves that you can be fly without being fancy, though we have to say we are surprised that a high school located in Nike's homeland isn't outfitted by the Swoosh.



No. 14 - Friendship Collegiate Academy

Location: Washington, DC

Sponsor: Nike

Whoever thought the combination of football, black and blue would be a good thing? D.C.’s Friendship Collegiate Academy rocks another black-on-black combination with hints of  blue and yellow, it doesn’t sound like it will work until you see it. Leave it to Nike to make the unlikely work.



No. 13 - St. John’s College High School

Location: Washington, DC

Sponsor: Under Armour

The football program at St John's College High in DC is known for its heated rivalry with Gonzaga. Donning a classic red and white getup, Under Armour gives the Cadets a traditional look with silver and red head gear.


No. 12 - Brookville High School

Location: Lynchburg, VA

Sponsor: Nike

Previously in a partnership with Rawlings, Brookville High has recently switched to wearing gear provided by Nike. Athletic director Larry Kidd says the team is thrilled with the new technology equipped in the Nike gear, and you can bet that their Redskins-like white, burgundy, and yellow colors have never looked so good.



No. 11 - Hoover High School

Location: Hoover, AL

Sponsor: Under Armour

A classic look from a solid team, the Buccaneers hold it down in Alabama. Hoover's less-is-more aesthetic allows their skills to do the talking on the field. The Blitzkrieg II gloves are a nice touch, we see you Under Armour.



No. 10 - Roosevelt High School

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Sponsor: Nike

The all-black uniforms had Roosevelt in the hot seat a few years ago, but nobody can deny how dope they are. The maroon and yellow  go great with the black-on-black, and it almost makes you wish the Washington Redskins could pull something similar off, even if it was only for one game.



No. 9 - Oviedo High School

Location: Oviedo, FL

Sponsor: Nike

The Lions have a traditional Nike look with the standar jersey and gear, but that orange seals the deal. 


No. 8 - Trinity High School

Location: Euless, TX

Sponsor: Nike

Teams in Texas love the "T's." The Trojans are known for their loyal fan base, untraditional workout practices, and high ranking on USA Today's Super 25 High School Football Teams. They know how to rock that black and red with flags ablaze.


No. 7 - Olathe South High School

Location: Olathe, KS

Sponsor: adidas

adidas gave this Southern team a sweet graphic getup. From the Falcon glove designs to the captioned sleeves for optimal flexing opportunities, the boys will look sharp this season.




No. 6 - Don Bosco Preparatory High School

Location: Ramsey, NJ

Sponsor: Nike

The Don Bosco Ironmen keep it simple and functional with their dark burgundy and white Nike uniforms. The red shade is unmistakably similar to that of the Marvel Comics superhero Ironman, clearly an influence for these otherwise basic jerseys.



No. 5 - Miami Northwestern High School

Location: Miami, FL

Sponsor: Nike

Opting for a look that doesn't exactly scream "South Beach", the Miami Northwestern squad's uniforms feature blue and yellow accents that would feel right at home on a college or pro field. Nike makes sure the team has a variety of color blocking options to choose from for game days.



No. 4 - North Point High School

Location: Waldorf, MD

Sponsor: Under Armour

The North Point Eagles have a dope look. The head-to-toe black with shoulder accents are a great look from Under Armour.



No. 3 - DuVal High School

Location: Goddard, MD

Sponsor: Cort Athletics

Utilizing a look reminiscent of the Cincinnati Bengals, Prince George County's Duval has a look that stands out among the rest. Coach Dameon Powell says the team wanted some extra pizazz on the field, and by teaming with the up-and-coming Cort Athletics brand, they've certainly achieved that.



No. 2 - Manatee High School

Location: Bradenton, FL

Sponsor: Under Armour

The oldest and largest public high school in Bradenton, Florida, also boasts one of the best high school programs with proof in number of Super Bowl ring-toting alumni. The Hurricanes were given the amazing opportunity to play a made-for-ESPN2 game vs. Miramar High this upcoming Sunday, where they will sport a patriotic look to commemorate the Wounded Warrior Project, courtesy of Under Armour. This is just a look made for ESPN2, but regardless we dig the All-American approach.



No. 1 - Bellevue High School and St. Thomas Aquinas

Location: Bellevue, WA and Ft. Lauderdale, WA

Sponsor: Nike

The St. Thomas Aquinas Raiders of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, is home to one of the largest high school teams today. This is a school that produces power, with a record-breaking number (8) of former Raiders included in the 2011 NFL Kickoff Weekend roster. This uniform makes it to the top of our list for their unique approach to shoulder designs that closely resembles the Oregon Duck's recently unveiled jerseys.

The Bellevue Wolverines from Washington are used to being top dogs, the consecutive state champs have a solid record of 8 wins over the past 11 playoffs. Nationally ranked for years with a dedicated following, the Wolverines sport the identical look to the Raiders. So nice Nike had to use it twice.