How Much Are Travis Scott's PlayStation Nike Dunks Reselling For? They Aren't

StockX is canceling fraudulent sales for Cactus Jack x PlayStation x Nike Dunk Lows. Still, Travis Scott's other Nikes are hitting hard on resale markets.

Travis Scott PlayStation x Nike Dunk Pair
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Travis Scott PlayStation x Nike Dunk Pair

The Travis Scott hype machine is in overdrive this holiday season. The most coveted of the many recent products from the merch-savvy rapper is his Cactus Jack x PlayStation x Nike Dunk Low, a three-way collaboration coinciding with his involvement in the PlayStation 5 rollout. It is not generating long lines and chaotic shopping, though. In fact, right now, the sneaker barely exists. Travis showed it off on social media but, other than that, there have been scant sightings of the Dunk.

Is it actually dropping? A Nike spokesperson said the brand has no information to share about a possible release for now, and there are no leaks indicating that it's happening yet. The only thing close so far was a giveaway on Travis’ site last week that offered just five pairs to the public. According to the site, winners of the Cactus Jack x PlayStation x Nike Dunk Lows will be contacted within 14 business days of the original window for entry, which ran from Nov. 12 to 13.

Mythical though the sneakers are, there are a handful of completed sales for them listed on resale platform StockX. The site shows that six pairs total have sold so far, their prices averaging $5,150. The Travis Scott x PlayStation x Nike Dunk Lows should easily sell in that range once people actually get the sneakers, but these are not legitimate sales. According to a StockX spokesperson, several of the sales were already canceled. The company expects most, if not all, of the rest to be canceled as well.

Travis Scott PlayStation x Nike Dunk Heel

Outside of those dubious sales, Travis Scott-branded items are huge on StockX. In a report released on Thursday, the platform said that 95 percent of his merch resells for over retail and put the average price of his sneakers on the secondary market at $850. StockX has handled nearly 50,000 sales of Travis Scott sneakers in 2020 alone.

His collaborative shoes, which include Nike Air Force 1s and Air Jordan 4s, sell for an average of 370 percent over retail on StockX in adult sizes. By comparison, the company says that Yeezys sell for 60 percent over retail on the same metrics. The most expensive Travis Scott sneaker collabs (save for the unreleased, friends-and-family pairs) are his Air Jordan 1 from 2019 and his Nike SB Dunk Low from 2020, both of which go for over $1,200.

Travis Scott PlayStation x Nike Dunk Profile

The Houston rapper's influence in footwear extends beyond just his own projects. The best examples of this come from his fondness for older Nike SB Dunks, the prices of the pairs he wears often jumping after he does so. Per StockX's data, in the three hours after he posted an Instagram photo of himself in the "New Castle" SB Dunk Low from 2008, prices for them went up over 40 percent and sales grew.

There's still barely any data on the PlayStation Dunk Lows by Travis Scott so it's difficult to say where prices on them will settle when they inevitably do pop up on resale markets. Whether they hit retail or remain super exclusive, the prices will be high. Either way, Travis is still controlling the game.