'Gold Bullet' Nike Air Max 97s Retroing in 2023

This 1999 colorway of the Air Max 97 is slated to return as part of Nike's Spring/Summer 2023 offerings. No release date is set yet, but here's what we know.

Nike Air Max 97 Gold

Image via Nike

Nike Air Max 97 Gold

The “Gold Bullet” Nike Air Max 97, long one of the most beloved colorways of the late ’90s running sneaker, is coming back in 2023, sneaker industry sources tell Complex. There is no set release date for the shoes yet, but they should arrive between February and March as part of Nike’s Spring/Summer 2023 lineup. This window for their release is subject to change. Sneaker drop dates will often shift and have been especially volatile recently because of strains on the global supply chain.

Nike has not confirmed this upcoming pair publicly, and the image shown here is of an older version of the “Gold Bullet” Air Max 97.

The 2023 “Gold Bullet” Nike Air Max 97 (style code DM0028-700) will retail for $185.

The gold colorway of the Air Max 97 is not quite an original, having arrived in the sneaker’s second wave at the end of 1999. The “Gold Bullet” has been a fixture in the Air Max 97’s retro life, releasing in 2004, 2010, and then again across 2017 and 2018. It’s also been reinterpreted for special editions of the shoe: there is a gold pair for Cristiano Ronaldo, another dipped in Swarovski crystals, and one with details referencing Italy’s love for the Air Max 97.