Ex-Nike Designers Start Work at Adidas Today

Good news for Dolce, Dekovic, and Miner.

Image via Denis Dekovic

The trio of ex-Nike designers who left the company for adidas in 2014 are finally starting work with the latter, the Portland Business Journal reports.

Lawsuits and non-compete clauses delayed their start, but Marc Dolce, Denis Dekovic, and Mark Miner are cleared to work as of now. The three were sued by Nike in 2014 to the tune of $10 million following their departure, with the sportswear brand alleging that they stole trade secrets. The case was settled out of court in 2015.

The designers will work out of adidas' new design space in New York called the Brooklyn Farm. While the space isn't ready yet, adidas' global creative director Paul Gaudio expressed excitement over the new direction that it represents.

"We are the brand that allows people to create," he said in a statement. "Every day, we’re looking forward and shaping what’s next. We are fueling creativity and innovation, pushing industry boundaries, thinking differently, experimenting and giving consumers a whole new era of adidas. The reins are off, creativity is growing and our people are testing ideas, making things, breaking things and discovering."

Gaudio stressed that the space will welcome input from outside sources.

"The core of creativity comes from collaboration. Collaborative thinking and exploration is leading us to new places. A mix of perspectives and constant exchange allows us to tap into the unknown and explore new territories."