Wilson Chandler Says He Left MSG Mid-Game to Buy Sneakers

Denver Nuggets forward Wilson Chandler says he left the Knicks game at halftime to buy VLONE Nikes.

Wilson Chandler

Wilson Chandler

Wilson Chandler

Most sneakerheads can probably say they've left work early to pick up a new pair of shoes, but would an NBA player dare to make that move? Yes, if Denver Nuggets forward Wilson Chandler's claim proves to be true.

Earlier tonight, Chandler tweeted a photo of the VLONE x Nike Air Force 1 collaboration, adding the caption, "Left the garden at half time to cop these."  

Left the garden at half time to cop these pic.twitter.com/z4Of7QLiL4

Your first thought is probably that he's only joking. A typical NBA halftime is only 15 minutes. The VLONE pop-up shop (assuming that's where he made the purchase) is about 15 - 20 minutes away. Double that for the trip back and making it back in time is highly unlikely. However, he could have set up another transaction through a middle man or made it back to the Garden late, neither of which have been reported.

And then there was this exchange.

@DeeAreEe real talk

So, for now, Chandler isn't backing down from the claim. And if true, it's one of the greatest sneaker-buying stories of all-time. My gut says it's a dig at the Knicks and how they disgraced the Garden by having Charles Oakley arrested, but there could be a bigger play here. According to reports, Chandler wants out of Denver due to frustration with his role on the team. This could the kind of thing that gets him shipped out, but will teams be apprehensive to acquire the versatile swingman? That remains to be seen as the trade deadline approaches.

UPDATE: Chandler is now saying his halftime claim was a joke.

It was a joke y'all lol. Never leave a game to buy sneakers, not that serious. My man brought them to the game with him, that's the story.