Nike Announces Closing of U.S. Stores and More Due to Coronavius

With coronavirus cases growing rapidly, Nike announced that it's closing stores in the United States and abroad.

Nike Store Tuscaloosa

Image via Nike

Nike Store Tuscaloosa

With growing concerns surrounding the coronavirus and confirmed cases constantly on the rise, Nike is taking action to keep its customers safe.

Today, the company announced that it's closing all stores in the United States, Canada, Western Europe, Australia and New Zealand from Monday through March 27 in an effort to limit the spread of coronavirus. According to CNBC, a spokeswoman confirmed that workers will still be paid in full during the time off. Stores in South Korea, Japan, most of China, and in “many other countries” are being left open based on daily assessments of the pandemic.

Nike has 384 retail locations in the U.S. alone, including Converse and outlet stores. There's an additional 750 international locations according to SEC filings. Customers are encouraged to continue shopping at and through the SNKRS app.

The latest numbers from Johns Hopkins University have the total number of reported coronavirus cases north of 156,000, with at least 5,833 deaths.