Nike Spent $15,000 to Make Michael Ojo's Size 22 Sneakers

Committed Nike makes sure Florida State student has shoes that fit.

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At 7′ 1″ and almost 300 pounds, Florida State center Michael Ojo does more than an adequate job of filling the paint. Unfortunately for him, his unusual size 22 7E feet made it impossible to find sneakers that fit prior to his arrival to campus. That changed when the school's partners at Nike stepped in, making a special lasting machine to accommodate Ojo.

According to SB Nation, TNT's Evan Washburn reported that Nike spent $15,000 to build the machine for Ojo's sneakers. In comparison, Ojo wears roughly the same size sneakers at Shaquille O'Neal and four sizes bigger than Yao Ming's 18. The Lopez twins currently wear the biggest sneakers in the NBA at size 20.

In high school, Ojo squeezed his feet into size 17 sneakers to play. Due to Nike's commitment to its programs and athletes, that's no longer a problem for the big man.

FSU's Michael Ojo wears a size ∞ shoe