In part two of the Complex sneaker conversation series, Reel Silhouettes, FSR co-host Brendan Dunne chats with Erin Narloch, Head of Reebok’s Global Archives, and Chris Hill, Senior Product Manager of Pop Culture and Streetwear Sneakers. Here, the trio discuss two Ghostbuster-inspired retros released today: the Ghost Smashers and the Ghostbusters Classic Leather Shoes in Modern Beige. In the clip, fans get an inside look at the Reebok Legacy silhouettes that inspired the famous Alien Stomper, originally made for sci-fi classic Aliens and learn about Hill’s creative process in making the Halloween-ready Ghostbusters capsule. In a special charity giveaway, Bok Kids partners up with Mission Society to gift a few kids the all-new shoes. Throw on your proton pack and watch the video above. Just make sure you don’t cross the streams!