With many still seeking justice for the murder of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer this past Monday, thousands of Americans are gathering in protest across the country. Some of these demonstrations have escalated to include riotous behavior, vandalism and looting—the latter affecting many sneaker shops and boutiques.

Throughout Saturday, images and videos of stores being broken into and looted made rounds on social media. The Nike Store location on Michigan Ave. in Chicago appeared to be completely cleaned out.

Nike store on Michigan Ave smashed and completely looted pic.twitter.com/IRZc4FuDBO

— Ben Pope (@BenPopeCST) May 31, 2020


There was a similar scene at Flight Club, Supreme and Sole Stage on Fairfax Ave. in Los Angeles.

Flight Club on Fairfax pic.twitter.com/b5hJYuEEPG

— Andy J. Scott (@AndyJScott) May 31, 2020


— GETTING AROUND AKAMAI (@BotKing4) May 31, 2020


Round Two on Melrose was also hit in LA, along with the retailer's Richmond, Virginia location.

that was fast pic.twitter.com/QZf3cH6zF3

— ️️️️️️🌐 (@xdxego) May 31, 2020


RIF LA confirmed its own break-in with tweets earlier in the day. The San Francisco location was looted as well.

Damn.... They broke into @Rifla too... 😔 pic.twitter.com/GWlNFsZrS5

— P.O! (@_PO2345) May 30, 2020

TOO LATE 😭 https://t.co/Y2ARjzcxP8

— RIF LA (@Rifla) May 30, 2020

wow and now LOOTERS are back at the shop. Right now and cops can’t do shit

— RIF LA (@Rifla) May 31, 2020

when it rains, it pours... RIF San Francisco down 😣

— RIF LA (@Rifla) May 31, 2020


Don C also confirmed on Instagram that RSVP Gallery in LA had been vandalized and looted. About the incident, he said, "I understand people are hurt, so if stealing merch will ease the pain, I can sacrifice that. But, if you are not sincerely protesting and using this [as] an opportunity, you will be 3rd degree manslaughtered as soon as the glass is broken tonight."

Don C IG
Image via Instagram


Adidas in Manhattan was wrecked.

The Adidas flagship store in #Manhattan’s SoHo neighborhood was attacked and looted. pic.twitter.com/9nnuCwNioI

— Shahab (@SSMoghadam) May 31, 2020


More footage was captured at VILLA in Rochester, New York.

Rioters looting VILLA shoe store.#Rochester #NY #GeorgeFloyd pic.twitter.com/tn7bSHVwor

— Younis Hussein (@Younis_Hussein_) May 30, 2020


Miami's Shoe Gallery thanked the city for its support after being vandalized and looted.


Undefeated acknowledged that it was hit last night.


Though many cities have increased police force and instituted curfews, protests are still going strong. No matter what happens in the days ahead, sneaker retail and consignment has been hit hard by this week's events.