The Nike Swoosh is not only the most recognizable logo in the sportswear industry, but also maybe in the world. The story goes that it was designed by Portland State student Carolyn Davidson for a mere $35 in 1971. Since then, Nike has done everything imaginable to the Swoosh. It’s been made with a fat belly, made it mini, made it out of a jewel casing, put it on the soles, removed it from sneakers, and even put multiple Swooshes on sneakers. It’s also been made backwards.

Most noticeably, Travis Scott did this to his Air Jordan 1 collaboration in 2019. But he’s not the first person to do this to a Nike sneaker. UFC fighter-turned-comedian Brendan Schaub said on his podcast last week: “Here's another thing for you fucking kids who don't know kicks, if you thought Travis Scott was the first guy to put a Swoosh backwards on a shoe. You don't know shit. Dennis Rodman was the first to do it."

With that in mind, we wanted to go back in time and track down the most notable Nike sneakers ever to don a backwards Swoosh and chart the progression from Denns Rodman to Travis Scott.

(This isn't an extensive history of every single shoe to ever have a backwards Swoosh, sorry, some of them aren't worth writing about.)