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Joe Rogan: conspiracy theorist, elite podcaster, fitness guru, MMA aficionado, comedian, and now streetwear commentator? 

In a recent episode of the Joe Rogan Experience (episode #1407 with Michael Malice), he weighed in on phenomenon of Off-White x Nike collaborations that have taken the sneaker world by storm over the past few years and his disdain for their signature detail: the red hangtag. 

"What's up with the sneakers that kids are wearing that have a fucking green tag on 'em?" Rogan said. "Off-White? That's what it is. I was buying a pair of Nikes for my kid, and they were like, 'Oh, those are Off-White.' I was like, 'What's up with this green thing?' [They said], 'Oh, you leave that on.' [I said], 'Fuck you, I'm not leaving this stupid plastic tag on. No, you don't leave that on.' And these are huge. They're cumbersome, they look dumb. They wear them on their shoe, it's part of the thing. The person was trying to explain it to me, 'It's part of the brand.'"

Getting the color of the tag wrong aside (we all know it's red), Rogan goes on to say, "Why's it here? Someone should have a knife and go up to these fucking kids and cut that off and go, 'No, we're about to go to war.'"

Then Rogan puts on the tinfoil hat, saying, "They're making you soft and stupid. This is probably a plot by the Russians, and the Chinese, and the Iranians to make sure our kids grow dumber and dumber. This is one of those things probably started off on Instagram by one of those IRA, Internet Research Agencies."

This just in: Virgil Abloh, Russian Troll. 

Rogan has commented on streetwear in the past, most notably Yeezys, even getting a pair, and the absurdity of the Supreme Brick.

Watch the clip below. It starts around an hour and twenty-one minutes in.