ASICS is turning back to clock to beckon the return of one of their early millennial running icons, the GEL-1090.

Brands across the board have celebrated the 90's time after time again, with the era particularly romanticised by the sneaker world for having delivered some of the most timeless, iconic silhouettes of all time. As we approach the tail-end of the decade, however, the spotlight has begun to shift towards the early 2000s, a time when it felt like the future had arrived, allowing for more radical approaches to footwear design. ASICS has dug into their expansive archive to redeliver one of their boldest early millennial runners in the form of the GEL-1090, after almost 15 years off of the market. Showcasing decades of Japanese expertise and innovation, the GEL-1090 pairs heel and forefoot GEL technology with a streamlined upper that parallels the aerodynamic form of a race car. The silhouettes leather overlays and mesh base are set to return in four brand new colourways, with monochromatic options and retro colour applications both set to land. 

Each new colourway of the ASICS GEL-1090 is set to roll out throughout December via select global retailers. 

All Images via ASICS







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