Travis Scott’s fans—or ragers as they are affectionately known—are a different breed. They love his music, they love his sneakers, and most of all, they love the mosh pits that form at his high-energy shows. 

All of that is true for 19-year old University of North Texas student Marlon Myers. Last weekend, Myers attended the second annual Astroworld Festival in Houston with his girlfriend Victoria. Both die hard La Flame fans, the couple decided to wear Travis Scott sneakers to the show, Marlon in the Jordan I Highs and Victoria in the recently-released VIs. 

“Travis is one of my favorite artists right now," Myers explained. "It just felt like the right thing to do to wear his shoes to his concert.”

Travis Scott Astroworld Fest Sneakers Dirty
Image via marloflo

Myers wasn’t the only one with that idea as he said he saw plenty of other ragers wearing Scott's sneakers at the festival. He saw multiple Travis Scott Air Force 1s, including the new version that is slated to globally release this Saturday, November 16th. However, Myers’ pair is getting all the attention thanks to the "before" and "after" shots he posted of he and his girlfriend’s sneakers. Of course, Myers had the mosh pits to blame for the beat up kicks. 

“There was no room in that mosh pit, I couldn’t even breathe in there so they were definitely going to get messed up,” Myers said. “By the time I figured that out it was too late so I didn’t even try to worry about it.”

While the couple is getting some backlash from the sneakerhead community on their social media pages, Myers says that they don’t regret it at all. 

“I feel like the memories that I made with those shoes makes them priceless now. It really doesn’t matter how much they go for,” he said.

Travis Scott is someone that Myers and his girlfriend have been able to bond over, and their love for the artist has helped them grow closer. His music and his sneakers have created a network of these “ragers” that are as passionate about Scott as any other fanbase out there.

Even though wearing a sneaker that resells for over a $1,000 might be sacrilegious to most of the sneaker community, it was an easy decision for both Myers and his girlfriend. 

“I think I’d get Travis’ stamp of approval, wearing those and raging in them.”