The world's first stock market for high-demand products is finally putting its stamp on the UK and European market. 

StockX has cemented itself as the number one stock destination for sneakers, streetwear, watches, and designer handbags. In a market environment where authenticity can easily throw off consumers, StockX guarantees 100% authenticity for every product bought and sold via the platform. With demand higher than ever for streetwear and sneakers, in particular, the platform boasts an 8 million-strong user base, in turn ensuring a strong supply and demand chain. 

Full transparency in terms of the aforementioned supply and demand, and pricing, offering users peace of mind. Now, for the first time, the platform is landing in the UK and Europe, in style. 

To celebrate the launch, the platform held an exhibition - A History of UK Sneaker Culture by Steve Bryden, panels, workshops, and live music on the 11th of October. 

Head over to StockX to get to grips with the platform and see if you can finally secure your grails. 

All Images via Stockx