The Converse Chuck Taylor turns 100 this year. Over that century, the Chuck has been an important part of youth culture and different youth movements, and the shoe has become an icon for every generation. To show how the Chuck Taylor is still an important part of our style and culture, and how its still as relevant today as it has been for every generation over the last 100 years, Converse have called on some of the biggest and best names who reflect their values to take part in the "Forever Chuck" campaign.

The final installment of that campaign is the "Forever Chuck" film, which embodies the spirit of youth that's at the core of both Converse and the Chuck Taylor. After a series of videos which told different stories of Chuck's history as a cultural icon and its future being just as iconic, the film highlights the next generation defining culture and style. That new generation features everyone from Game of Thrones' Maisie Williams to Rejjie Snow, as well as people like Winnie Harlow, Vince Staples and Last Night in Paris, all long-time Chuck Taylor fans.