For their latest campaign with Kendrick Lamar, Reebok Classic look back at the 30 year history of the Club C, from it's origins as a tennis shoe to it's current status as a fashion and lifestyle staple. The campaign, shot by Nabil and entirely on 35mm film, shows Kendrick in front of a projection of the tennis courts at Compton High, the high school he attended. Speaking about the Club C, Kendrick said “The Club is one of my favorite sneakers. Clean, understated and beyond design. What the sneaker represents is important to me. Staying true to your roots and where you came from. Staying real. It’s a sneaker that makes you feel a certain way when you put it on. Fearless; confident; holding court. I put pressure on myself to reach a certain level of success, and the shoe represents that. Being passionate, having the desire and hunger to be successful in whatever court you’re in.”

As well as the campaign from Kendrick and Nabil, Reebok are also releasing two new versions of the Club C for Spring/Summer. The Club C 85 Tonal Gum, worn by Kendrick throughout the campaign, is a simple wardrobe staple, while the The Club C 85 Diamond, the statement style for women, is an update of the classic Club C aesthetic with glitter accents.

Take a look at more shots from Kendrick's latest Reebok Classic campaign, and both new styles of the Club C are available from 1st February on the Reebok Classics website.