Year released: 2003

All caps. Collaborations were few and far between on this silhouette in 2003, but this defined the artist project as we know it. NYC's Stash has put in work when it comes to graffiti and played an essential role in steering streetwear into its current form. He knows a lot about shoes, too, and the Stash AF1 Hi could only have come from a connoisseur (the mesh panels are a giveaway.). With its spray can nozzle patterning and New York, London, or Tokyo on the sole, low numbers and quiet marketing created a commotion, while the collector case and CD-ROM made it feel like event footwear. More Stash Air Force 1s would follow in 2004 and 2006 using the mid and low silhouettes respectively, and for the One Night Only event in December 2006, it was voted the greatest AF1 ever and briefly resurrected for a chosen few (albeit in a slightly downgraded form).