Adidas legal battle against sneaker-rival Skechers has been well-documented, and today the Three Stripes got a big win from a Federal Judge. According to Oregon Live, Oregon's U.S. District Judge Marco A. Hernandez agreed with the claims and barred Skechers from selling sneakers that used Nike designs, including the popular "Stan Smith" design.

The Skechers "Onix" sneaker looks so much like the classic Stan Smith design that the judge couldn't even tell them apart in the court room."Hernandez also noted that he couldn't distinguish between Adidas' Stan Smith and Skechers' Onix shoes when each was presented as evidence just a few feet away from him in court," reports Oregon Live. The other designs included in the injunction are the Adidas' Supernova and Three Stripes logo. While most people, including the judge, can tell the designs in question were inspired by adidas, Skechers still plans to appeal the ruling. This means you'll be seeing less "knockoff" adidas soon, but they could return in the future if Skechers has its way in court next time.

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